Manly 5.8km

Manly 5.8km

Amy is away in Hong Kong for this weekend which is sad so I have made my own fun. I was going to spend Sunday writing computer code but decided instead, what with the fantastic weather, I’d do a walk around Manly and take the camera. So that is what I did! I’ve mapped the route and marked where the photos were taken on this embedded map –

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What’s good fun about the map above, consider all the things you see on that walk and it took a good couple of hours to walk, keep hitting the “-” zoom out button to see how much more exploring could be done!

First Stop Gloria Jeans for an Iced Cappuccino

An iced coffee helped set the pace for the 5.8km walk that I was about to start. I decided to do a non-ocean route as the onshore winds were blowing, but I couldn’t resist having a quick look at the surf at the end of walk!

Little Manly Boat Ramp and Fish Quota and Sizes

I’ve never seen this little boat ramp before (or just not noticed it) and next to it was a small boat storage dock –

Boat Storage at Little Manly

I then continued the walk past little Manly beach and headed towards my favourite beach in Manly, Collins Beach. On the way I spotted this little wasp –

Wasp on a Flower

Through the trees and away from Collins Flat there’s a pipe that looks like its part of the Dharma Institute –

Have Faith, try and get back to the Island

The walk up to the top of the hill from Collins Flat is a long uphill struggle but good exercise, at the top of the road there’s a sign for Bandicoots, which I thought were imaginary –

Crash Bandicoot

And that concludes the photos to the walk! Until next time!