Lord Howe

Lord Howe

In December we all got on a very tiny and quite unreliable service to the Island of Lord Howe. It is about 2 hours flight and is a bit East of Australia.

It is an amazing Island - nothing like Australia except for all of the people and cars are from NSW. The water is amazing, there's fish everywhere and the Kentia Palms that are native to the Island are also everywhere.

Water colour is like this even when it's cloudy

We stayed at a place called Pinetrees, it had amazing food and a Tennis court which we took advantage of quite a bit, it was good fun playing that.

Most of the walks you can do on Lord Howe aren't really suitable for a 6 year old so we didn't do very many. Just spend most of our time biking around! You can see a bit of that in the video I made -