Long Reef, Small Shark

Amy went up to Brisbane for her sisters hens night so I was “home alone” for the weekend. Marcus and I went out “surfing” in the morning at Long Reef beach in Sydney’s fabulous winter weather. I put surfing in quotes because mine has not been that great recently but still it was good to get out as it was not that big, the shoulder still gives a bit of jip when I really try to push onto a wave then there’s the raised heart beat from slight fear of doing the injury all over again as well as the lack of fitness during the recovery period. Hopefully the summer will help bring all the good ole days of surfing back again, might even get a new board…

Got slightly put off when we got to the beach as it was the first day I saw a shark on the beach. Fortunately it was literally on the beach

Marcus, myself and little shark

Here’s a close up of the bad boy –

Mr Shark

Thanks for the photos Nancy and Marcus. Amy took loads of photos of her sisters little bambino Coops at the weekend, so I’ve put one up here for everyone to see, a cute little baby I’m sure you’ll agree –

Your ma boy blue!

On a technological note (yes, time to stop reading), I’ve got a new charting component in development called Chart33 which I plan to use the “Release Early, Release Often” principal. It’s first “release” is not in downloadable form but as a part of GlobalSurfari, here’s an example of a chart as part of the google homepage plugin. Goto the GlobalSurfari.com homepage for bigger better graphs.

Have a good week!