Londres Par Nuit

Londres Par Nuit

Took some cool photos of London last night while out with some friends – we went to a place called Cafe Pacifico on Langley Street, WC2 that does Mexican food, it was very nice –

I took the one below after 6 bottles of Corona and half a margarita (they are disgusting I couldn’t drink the other half) – not a bad effort I don’t think! (Click to enlarge -)

6 second exposure, 2 second delay

If there’s an album I can recommend to anyone that read this, its ‘Thirteenth Step’ by A Perfect Circle. It’s got some great tracks, have a listen to ‘The Noose’ for example, or ‘Blue’, ‘Pet’, ‘The Nurse Who Loved Me’.

The RSS Aggregator is coming along nicely, this is an example of it now, I’ve got the RSS loading working, I think I’ll add support for ‘atom’ and the comment-api, again, just to make it a competitive aggregator. The key is going to be in its operational simplicity. Here’s the screen shot –

That’s it for this regularly scheduled blog. Until the next time.