Live Earth Sydney

The reason for Live Earth and the ideas behind Earth Day are one and the same, to raise awareness of conservation. There are many Earth Day activities you can do by yourself to help the Earth such as picking up litter or planting trees. The Earth Day celebration has it’s roots in the 1840’s but it wasn’t until the 1970’s when it became very popular.

July 7th 2007 was ‘Live Earth‘ day, a slightly controversial global event to raise awareness for climate change.

It was a great day good weather although a bit cold. Amy and I got our seats a bit late and were slightly side on to the action, but it didn’t spoil the music, we heard some great bands including Missy Higgins, The John Butler Trio, Wolfmother, Jack Johnson and Crowded House. The London concert appeared to have the best line up (Beastie Boys, Madonna, Foo Fighters, Chilli Peppers, Genesis) although Australia line up was definetly second best (would have easily been the best if Smashing Pumpkins played here rather than NYC!).

Amy outside the Aussie Stadium

We got to our seats and other people were sitting in them, so with a bit of pointing at the ground row letter, pointing at seat numbers and then pointing at the combination of seat number and row on our tickets we got our seats.

Paul Kelly at Live Earth

As the evening went on and the queues for toilets and drinks got longer and longer we waited for Jack Johnson to come on, he played some of his classics and was very nervous!

Jack Johnson on Stage

A great day which hopefully raised awareness for climate change and a much better July 7th than this one. Off to buy some energy saving light bulbs now.