Little Penguin

Whilst surfing at Manly today (a few good left hand bombs but mostly windy) I was a little bit paranoid with the shark thing that i mentioned earlier. It was a beautiful day the water was warm, not even a rash vest was required, although I wore one because there were a couple of blue bottles floating around. So I am looking out for waves and at the same time looking for this 2 metre shark that is apparently going around, there’s virtually no one in the water neither for some reason which made it all the more scarey, there wasn’t that safety in numbers feeling. I heard this squeaky little noise in the water and look over to my left and see a penguin bobbing up and down in the water. I expect to see sea gulls, dolphins, fish, other surfers and boats at the beach but not penguins. It looked a little bit out of place because I thought normally they lived in cold places.

A Little Penguin

I thought maybe I was going a bit crazy so I got out of the sea, drank some water and got the boat home. It turns out though that NSW does have a Penguin Colony and that the North Harbour near Manly is the only known one and it is also endangered!!