Life Imitate Bridget Jones

There’s always something going on around where I live; if its not David Blaine living in a glass box, its ‘Spiderman’ climbing 180ft crane to demonstrate for fathers for justice. The crane stands over Tower Bridge road and so the bridge is closed to motorists until Wednesday, when he plans to come down. This has come as good news to the producers of Bridge Jones Diary II – as this morning I watched Renee Zellweger walking across Tower Bridge surrounded by a load of extras pretending to walk to work. In the movie, if you see a shot of Bridget walking across Tower Bridge and then looking to her left with an almost evil face, at this very moment she was looking at me – I couldn’t help but smile back – i probably wrecked the shot.

Also this weekend I had friends from Holland over, we had a great time – apart from the drunk man in Riverbar Cafe. London really is exhausting to walk around as a tourist!