Lets lower the tone

Lets lower the tone

I have a cold at the moment. I didn’t think it was possible for me to get a cold as I ensure that I take at least 200/400mg of Vitamin C every day during the winter. The good news is I think its clearing. Going out at the weekend didn’t help. I took all my stuff back to my parents house last weekend, hired one of those Mercedes A-Class motors from EasyCar.com. It is actually a pretty cool car, although the boot is too small. Would be a good car if you have a family. It was the first time I have driven in this country in 3 years, the fact that it was an automatic and I didn’t realise at first that you don’t use your left foot for the break at all was a bit funny!!

Bought the last vinyl I think I’ll be getting for a while 🙁 – here’s a picture of it. It is Melissa Auf Der Maur’s first single on blue vinyl – I’m not sure how rare this is going to be –

Went out on Saturday night with some mates from home for the last time in about 13 months. It was a good night.

I made this video (WMV) of Kim telling Gin to ‘lower the tone….now’ – absolute comedy (we were very drunk).

That's about it for now.

Oh, HotZoup Aggregator is coming together, I’ve got an error that appeared out of nowhere, I’ll probably finish it when I am in India.