Leaving Party and talking dog

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Cathy Freeman, the Olympic runner came around our house yesterday with her friend who dropped off her dog (bizarrely true story). Chris has this technique of making Hudson (the dog) talk. Here it is for you to enjoy –

Well Cafe Pacifico was the complete bomb! What a great night out! Thanks to everyone that came, there was 23 people in total (beating my london leaving party) including a Japanese guy called Ken that no one knew! Brilliant! Here we all are at the table –

We had these fajita type things and lots of nice nibbly starter things.

A round of Tequila!! WOO!!!!!!11111ELEVEN1111

Even SpoonaSound got in on things, playing the percussion to the music –

We also had a little bit of a dance to the music around the table –

After Cafe Pacifico we headed into Kings Cross where we queued for DragonFly but they didn’t let us in because there was too many of us. It was funny because we all left the queue at the same time making it shrink by half. It looked good because the queue was mostly guys and all the girls in the queue were with us! Suckers!!!

So we ended up at Iguana Bar on Kellet Street, here are a few of us on the dance floor –

We got back at around 05h30. I feel pretty hung over and I have loads of packing and stuff to do 🙁