Last Gasp of Overseas Living…for a bit

Well the final few days in Canada were a lot of fun. The weather picked up considerably and it becamse actually nice and sunny, it was also pretty warm!! I have been ‘hanging out’ at Daria and Bijon’s house in downtown Halfiax and have been getting around the town to see the local sites a lot.

When the weather picked up, Diane, Biman, Bijon and myself went on a day trip to the South Shore. Where we visited a few of the towns that were underwater only a few days before!!!

The Beautiful South Shore

Later that evening we had a BBQ in the garden at Diane and Biman’s house it was very nice. Tofi the dog even got to eat a packet of crisps!!! (He is the naughtiest dog I have ever come across, last night he broke into my room and tried to sleep on the floor.)

The next day Diane and myself went on a day trip to a nice little village in the middle of nowhere. It was one of the towns that was only 10km away from the location of the Swiss Air Flight 111 disaster and so we went to have a look at the memorial for that. Here is the fishing port of the little town. The place boasts the only lighthouse in the world that has a post office. It was pretty funny and a little weird because the light house was in the middle of nowhere and inside was the tinyest post office I’d ever been in. It didn’t even have enough room for a postbox!

It is by the sea so I attempted to take a photo of the waves breaking, this is the best I could find –

On the weekend Bijon races his car at a driving school on a race track in the middle of nowhere somewhere in Nova Scotia. The road to the race track almost requires a 4WD to access which is pretty funny considering the Maserati, Porsche and Ferrari brands that were there. The event is a ‘driving school’ and isn’t considered a ‘race’, but to look at it you would say it was a race. The event is basically just street cars some with modifications and some without tearing round a track at high speeds “sometimes I kiss 140km/h” says Bijon (which is pretty quick because there’s not many straights on this track and also it is probably faster because that is what he was telling his mom).

Bijon on turn 2

Here is proof that the car isn’t everything. This is Bijon’s buddy Graeme taking down a Ferrari on the front straight –

Eat my dust Mr Ferrari

It was pretty funny at the track, I got offered cash to take photos of some guy drive his car around the track (my new camera makes me look more professional). Maybe a change of career could be in order. The night before I went around to Graeme’s house with Bijon and ‘Mills’ and we throwed some TJ’s (Thomas Johnsons aka Burgers) and some Smokies aka Snags aka Sausages onto the Broil King aka BBQ (English is very different everywhere else in the world).

Here is my favourite car of the day (although I prefer the non-soft top) coming over the crest onto the back straight –

I want one of these

A pretty nice little day of car photography.

I am now at the airport and I am a little bit let down. My flight goes via St. John’s, New Foundland meaning that the duty free in the airport is closed to us, meaning my Dad may not be getting a bottle of Canadian Club. That is very disappointing. Apparently Air Canada was voted best airline in North America. The rest must be prettttyyyyy poor. He has got a bottle of Grand Royal which apparently the Gurjinator says is better.