Ladies Pinch Whores Wear Rouge

Ladies Pinch Whores Wear Rouge

I’m slightly concerned about this ‘bird flu’ – it sounds bad and it is bad.

Anyway, I have broken my New Years Resolution (which was to only drink for 3 hours on Friday and Saturday night only). I have been out ‘drinking’ for 3 days in a row, which I feel terribly guitly about, I haven’t been for a jog recently neither. I put not jogging down to that fact that I have recently had all these injections and it may make me ill. I am sure it probably won’t, but there’s a negative-placebo outcome there somewhere.

Saturday night (the last night of boozing and should I say the biggest night of boozing) saw us in Shoreditch, which is an area of North London that was once ‘underground cool’ now it just has a lot of bars, which do so well with customers that they’ve managed to be able to afford to make them pretty nice. Blu Bar, on the corner of Hoxton Square has closed down. However, the bar next door has doubled in size – we went there for a couple of drinks and then moved onto a Spanish restaurant called ‘Macondo’ it was tiny but really really good, and modestly priced. I recommend it to anyone, its best to go in early and get a table sorted as it is so small, but very casual as well.

After this we moved onto a club called ‘Troy Bar’ – it was a bit seedy and to be honest we looked a little out of place – but by this time we had all drunk far too much so we didn’t care!! On the way out of the club, whilst searching for a cab, I took this photo of some great graffiti. Although you can see the reflection of the post and myself in it (boooo).

On another note, I’ve written an alternative google deskbar, although it now works how I want it to.

It looks like this at the moment, but I need to woo my designer friend in Holland if he will make me a nice little background image for the textbox. I am going to publish it at when I’ve written the installer.

I’ve started to have dreams about being in Australia, although they are the worst case scenario dreams, you know, where I make no friends and suddenly the daunting truth of being the other side of the world sitting on a baking hot beach but not knowing anybody was maybe not one of my greatest ideas.

Take it easy, fight the fighters, not their wars.