Ki’s 25th Birthday London Style

Ki joined the revolution and decided to hit London town for his 25th celebrations. The guys all arrived on a cold cold Saturday morning in London. Ki brought down his computer for me to fix but didn’t bring the monitor or keyboard so it will have to wait for Christmas Eve where I will probably spend the best part of the night and early hours of the morning removing spyware and viruses he has got on it from visiting various suspicious sites.

We got the tube to Holborn where we were to see the Shaolin Monks at the Peacock Theatre. We got there early and were all pretty hungry so we headed to Beerodrome and had a drink and dinner, which was lovely.

The Kung Fu that was going on at the theatre was pretty intense, although Dinnie fell asleep during it!! They did the laying on knives whilst breaking slabs of concrete on their backs. One of the guys did a hand stand but using the knuckle of one finger on each hand instead!! Then right at the end one of the guys did about 10 head stands in a row, backwards and landing on his head (no crash mat!), I can’t even begin to imagine how much that would hurt if I tried!! Just the ability to go from a standing position to a headstand (not handstand) is amazing on its own. One guy could also bend his legs in such weird ways that he looked like a traffic accident and made me feel a little sick.

We were all pretty shattered afterwards and it felt like the day was over, but it was hardly beginning! We got back and got ready for the night of comedy that was awaiting us at Jongleurs, Camden Lock. It’s a pretty good night because its a comedy club with good comedians and then turns into a disco. The comedy was really good, my favourite was a ‘stralian guy who was getting heckled loads but could handle it really well. There was also a ‘stralian women that made fun of shortboard surfers in Brighton who had to wait for the ferry to go past before they could get a wave! Great! That was on my winter surfing location list as well!!

Gino, Tommo, Dino, Pacino, Gaza, Anders

We have some very deep inciteful conversations as a group, sometimes bordering on genius, other times a little closer to insane. After doing some heavy editing of the video I recorded this weekend, is a little video of the conversations we have –

Requires Sound..

So after the night of comedy and some seriously heavy disco dancing the comedy continued as we tried to get back home from Camden as no one seemed to want to go ‘south of the river’ at ‘that time of night’ – as if Camden is a nice safe drug free town!!!

The next day we all woke up with very little in the way of hangovers, which was amazing really considering we drank a fair amount, including tequila slammers!!! We headed to weatherspoons for luncheon and all had some decent food. Except for Dinnie as, being a student, decided the best option on the menu was the ‘two meals for £6.50’ and so subsequently ate a lasagne and a beef burger with chips!! Mental!

A nice little time with everyone down in London! The next day I was going to hit the coast for some surf action but found out there was no waves 🙁 So didn’t bother!