Kings vs. Razor Backs

Today was a long day, an 08h00 start for a surf and whilst Amy and the rest of the girls went to see Robbie Williams in concert the boys went for a trip to Sydney Superdome for the basketball derby game of the Sydney Razorbacks vs. Sydney Kings. Stu, Marcus, T-Bone and I went down for what was a thrilling match which went from being a Kings game, to a Razorbacks game and then back to the Kings game and then a final last gasp at the crown by the Razorbacks in the last three seconds of the game –

Razorbacks last 3 seconds of the final quarter

It was the closest you can get to living the American dream without being in America. Whilst there we wondered what it took to get a ring side seat, as typically these seats are reserved for people like the artist formally known as Prince and other celebrities, so it was no surprise to see Cooey bear (Andy) was there –

Cooey Bear in yellow t-shirt and Tiger court side

Cooster and I have also been to a Radiohead Gig in a tent in Newport Wales (UK) at the same time as well as a Smashing Pumpkins gig on Tottenham Court Road without realising (or knowing each other for that matter).

Good to see Tiger and Cooster at the end of the game they had obviously been hitting the complimentary booze fairly hard by the looks of it!

Final Score: Razor Backs : 90 , Sydney Kings: 91