Kiko, Tracey Redhead, Surfing (of course) picture fest!!!

Went to see Kiko tonight, they played at One World Sports bar in Darling Harbour. They are a really cool band that play a Portishead style of music. You may recognise Matt (pilot) and Mike (friend around the corner) on the left –

I am not really a big fan of ‘sports bars’, after all, the last thing I want to be thinking about on the 4th bottle of Stella is why I should be out doing some sport to keep fit. All is not lost though, I saw this sign in the bar which I thought was pretty cool –

Tracey Redhead was also playing at the bar tonight, she really has an amazing voice. So I bought her CD and she signed it for me! How lucky am I!!!

Ok, now for some pictures that I got off my parents –

Dad and myself outside the house I live in, in Woolloomooloo!! (the grey house on the right is a brothel, although it is understandable that we get a lot of knocks on the door with the garish colour schemes going on)

Parents Pose with my stupid (but very reliable) car at Palm Beach after boat trip to Bobbin Head

Parents and I in the Hunter Valley