iPhone Unboxing

My $99 Nokia phone starting cutting out of phone calls after about 30 seconds, it was a bit frustrating to say the least. So I decided I would get the jesus phone but would wait for the official version to arrive here in Australia. I waited, waited some more and then waited loads. I finally got fed up with the Nokia and fed up with Telstra and fed up with Apple and purchased one of the unlocked versions from the USA.

Opening the box –

And finally when its all up and running, checking the stock prices –

So far to say its been brilliant and the 3rd party support in Australia is also brilliant! The other night we had dinner with Simone and Stu and a song came on and we were trying to think of the name of the song, so I knocked it into Google, connected to the Telstra EDGE network and I had it (All-4-One was the name in the end).