International Talk Like a Pirate Day

On the 19th of September the whole world celebrates talk like a pirate day. It is a general day where you must say things like “arrrrr” and “shiver me timbers” a lot. Wesley decided to celebrate it in style by dressing up and causing havoc all over Sydney City and The Rocks. Wes had hired an entire outfit and really looked the part. Andrew, Chris and myself were a little bit under pirated, we all just bought an eye patch from a pharmacy before hand and left it at that! We started in Darling Harbour and visit the Maritime Museum where we found some of our stuff from our ship! –

After taking over some buses “we be taking over this ship”,causing havoc at peoples weddings and shouting “where by the booty!” whilst walking through the Sunday Rocks market, we ended up at a pub where, because of our attire they invited us down to the dungeons. It turned out to be a very interesting story; The Rocks is a really old (in the non-England style) part of Sydney and this pub was used by captains of the sea to recruit ship workers. However, they would just wait for them to get drunk and then kick them down into the cellars of this pub. A tunnel from the cellar to the sea lead them onto the boats. Apparently people had died down there, it was also used as a prison where people were shackled to the walls (which are still there). This is Wes with a captured skally wag –

A brilliant Sunday!! Visit the official Talk Like a Pirate Day website.