International Lifestyle

A great weekend spent at an undisclosed location in the world (not Ireland) where I drank some beer in small glasses –

Undisclosed Beer Drinking Location

On another note met Matt (here/here/here and here) at Gloucester Road tube station for a quick beer on the way back from the airport as he was in town for the weekend. Which seems strange because Matt lives on Maroubra Beach in Sydney, Australia!? Well the good news is Matt took his piloting skills to the next level and now works for an international airline doing short little trips from Sydney – Singapore – London. So it was good to see my Australia surfing buddy in foggy London town for a couple of hours on a Monday night!! Made me miss Australia a lot, especially when he told me he was going to Seal Rocks with Rach and Mike next Saturday morning.. four days away!!! –

Matt Bass in Foggy London

Ahh memories… until the next time!!!!!