In Restaurant and Spiderman

OPEC Friday, Amy, Nancy, Simone, Marcus, Stu and I headed to In Restaurant in Neutral Bay for dinner, a stones throw from Sydney, there was hardly any traffic on the roads I think mostly due to OPEC APEC. I had the John Dory fish which was very nice and I think we all enjoyed our dinners. We then went over the road to The Oaks, a fine brewery establishment which is the point where I remembered I had brough the camera for the evening –

Nancy, Amy, Simone and Stu

and also –

Marcus putting on Lipstick?

A great night and not too much of a hang over. Saturday and we met up with Chris and Issy for a spot of lunch and a drink. Dylan came along and showed us his great Spider Man impression, which basically involves doing a half hand stand with one leg in the air and shouting “I’m Spiderman”. Pure Genius –

Spider Man Stance

Rock on!