In Over Drive

I found this in the g2007 archives. I don’t think I ever put it on the website. It is a bit of an arty video I made whilst in India (and very bored at the same time). It kind of rules looking at it now. It also has some cool backing music by Billy Corgan.

The clips are

* London Underground Tube
* M40 heading towards London
* Melissa Auf Der Maur concert in Angel
* London Underground Angel Station
* Me walking through my flat
* Matt going to HSBC
* Me spinning around
* The globe spinning the opposite way
* Matt on Worship Street
* A Church in Green
* Ki, Alex and Gin in an Indian Restraunt in Stratford-upon-Avon
* Simon and Karine in a pub
* Jon with food in his mouth
* The thames from Canary Wharf
* The city in the snow
* India from Hotel Room
* A pigeon on the balcony of the hotel room in India
* Friends from Holland catching Rickshaws
* Japanese TV channel inverted
* Riding Auto-Rickshaw at night
* Sun setting in India