I heart Tokyo

I really like Tokyo and I don’t really know why. Maybe it is because the people don’t seem to hassel you and the service is great. You can walk into an electronics shop and play with all the stuff and no one will bother you unless you talk to them, its great. Also there’s no one here that looks menacing and there seems to be little or no theft. Even my tourist guide book says that if you leave something somewhere, like a wallet or a camera, chances are it will still be there when you go back. This may be the reason why everyone walks around with mobile phones hanging off their neck in full display. No one is going to steal it from you. Talking of mobile phones they seem to be light years ahead, it makes my Nokia look like something from the stone age (which incidentally doesn’t work here).

Last night I managed to stay awake long enough to go out in the evening. I decided to go back to Shibuya because there seemed to be a lot of stuff going down there. Here it is at night time –

Tokyo is one big Picaddilly Circus (or Kings Cross for Australia) with neon lights flashing and blinking at you everywhere. They also like the sort of music you get in old games consoles. When you put the two together you get a head spinning combination of sound and music. I noticed today that when the train doors are about to close they play music a bit like what you get in Super Mario Bros when you are running out of time to kill the end of level boss.

After having Sushi at lunchtime I decided to have something different for evening food, so where better to go than Outback Grill. A traditional true blue ozzie streak house –

True Ozzie Dinner, brought a tear to my eye

I met a Japanese girl in there who told me she wanted to come to England and meet David Beckham and was training to be a psychologist. I didn’t understand anything else she told me!

Today I went to Electronic Town Akihabara to pick up some electronics. Here is some little electronic market which pretty much had everything you needed to build a robot that could destroy the world –

Here is a car parking building, which rather than housing people houses cars. You drive into the building and an elevator takes you and the car up to your floor where you leave it.

After the dizzy experience of walking around all the electronics shops I decided to head for Shinkuju to go to the government building and have a look at the view. It is free (where Tokyo Tower costs money) and it is on the 45th floor so the view was going to be good. Unfortunetly it started to rain so the view was a little bit obscured. On a clear day you can see Mount Fiji. Here is the view looking towards Mount Fiji (which you can’t see) –

And there’s no street names?

I then headed to the Shinjuku shopping area, I found this tourist information sign that showed me my location. Unfortunetly it appears you have to be in another dimension to be able to work out where exactly you are –

4 Dimensional Location Map crossing mutiple space time boundaries

That is it for today, going to go out in Ginza tonight to see what is going down. I need to rest again now, this place is crazy!!