I Digress

Last night was our work party and we went to a bar/restaurant called Digress at City Point, London – it was very nice of work to take us to this bar, but, the clientele of the packed bar are probably the worse crowd of people you can imagine (except for maybe the people you’d meet at a sucide bombers convention). ‘City boy banker accounting broker types’ is the only way I can describe the majority of the male crowd – with their foul mouthed home counties secretaries. I was verbally assaulted by at least 3 different women in the evening while being there. Two accused me of throwing ice at them and really hurting them, even though it had nothing to do with me. Another women used expletives at me in the queue to get our coats.

Unless you are already a foul mouth home county girl or have sold into the banking, accounting capitalism dream don’t go there. Ever.

Digress is at City Point London its website is http://www.digress-city.co.uk/. Their website says smart/casual but don’t wear trainers the bouncers won’t let you in without making a fuss.