Hunter Valentines Valley

This weekend Amy and I went to the Hunter Valley, we stayed in a little area called Lovedale, which was very fitting as Valentines was so close. I kept it a secret from Amy about the location and had to rely on the new google maps service in Australia which gives directions. It was spot on, only 0.1km off for the turning off the freeway.

We left on Friday after work and got to our little villa at about 22h00. We had an early start which didn’t agree with Amy’s stomach as she was tasting wine at a cool 10h30 on Saturday morning!

amy in a winery in the hunter
Amy in a Winery in the Hunter

It was blisteringly hot!

amy and me in the hunter
Amy and Me in the Hunter

We bought the following wines –

Brokenwood, Tallaawanta, Gartelmann, The Gorge, and Tyrells. Gartelmann was probably our favourite as it was the most friendliest, as for if it is the best wine I’ll get back to that later!

In the evening we went to Leaves and Fishes which is a great place to eat in Lovedale. It was a bit weird inside because they drip water onto the roof, so it feels like it is raining, they also blow wind around the room so it feels like you are outside.

Amy and I in Leaves and Fishes
Amy and I in Leaves and Fishes

Whoa! A video. This is a little video of all the things we’ve been doing for a while. It’s a four minute video and covers Fiji to the Hunter Valley. It is available in Windows Media Video format which I believe is now a legacy format not even used by Microsoft themselves. I borrowed two videos off the legend that is Anhdres 😉

On Sunday we headed back to Sydney on the tourist drive which was very nice. We even had a little time in the afternoon to hit the beach! Weekend over 🙁