How not to sell Pepsi Jazz

At lunch yesterday I went into Manly Proper to get a caffelatte. I soon realised this was almost an impossible task as most coffee shops were closed and everyone on the streets appeared to be drunk, thanks in part to the Melbourne Cup.

So I went into this little speciality shop and found this cool looking Pepsi based drink in the fridge –

Pepsi Jazz Black Cherry and French Vanilla Flavour

I went to the counter to pay for it and the exchange went something like this –

Shop: “It’s past its sell by date, but not by much, the supplier gave them to me as a promotion.”
Me: “Oh really? do you think I should drink it?”
Shop: “It will probably rot through the can with all the chemicals in it before you can’t drink it. That’s one fifty please.”

So I ended up paying money for an out of date can of soft drink that would “rot through the can” before it went off. To be honest it was quite nice.