Hot Zoup Review

The Hot Zoup application that I created for RSS/ATOM aggregation got a review by a guy called “Heinz Tschabitscher” at About.Com, who is obsessed with email by the looks of his bios.

It got 3/5 stars which is not bad for a first try.

Heinz write (sic) –

Hot Zoup Reader is a simple, friendly and easy to use RSS feed reader. It works well for following headlines and news, but leaves more advanced functionality — searching, archiving, or virtual folders, for example — to be desired.

If the news are a hot put of chicken soup steaming with delicious smells, then Hot Zoup Reader is the classy, simple spoon that lets you concentrate on the soup and just the soup. Through a nice and prosaic interface, Hot Zoup Reader lets you read headlines or complete articles comfortably. You can choose between a newsletter-style news page that collects multiple articles or a three-paned interface that allows you to skim and selectively read articles and headlines quickly. It’s also great how feeds can be collected and read in groups in Hot Zoup Reader. Unfortunately, Hot Zoup Reader’s tools for organizing don’t include virtual folders that automatically aggregate relevant posts. You can’t even search feeds in Hot Zoup Reader. What you can do, though, and what is very useful is flagging individual items for later processing. Hot Zoup Reader also offers a nice way of reading comments posted on blogs. It doesn’t seem to recognize relationships between blog postings, though.

See the full story here.

Hot Zoup is here it has had over 2000 downloads to date, I wonder how many of those people still use it.