Happy New Year 2009

For NYE this year we went to Gaétane and Coosters house for a party and fish BBQ. We got the last ferry from Manly wharf over to the city and dreaded the journey back to Manly as it is chaos down the wharf as you would expect.

Sydney Skyline, Bridge and Opera House 1st Jan 2009

The party was fantastic and good to see some familiar faces as well as meet some new people, including a guy from Bruges which reminded me of the great film In Bruges.

When we left we were walking back into the city down Cathedral St. and I said to Amy how good would it be to see a cab come past now with its light on. Well 2009 started well for us because exactly that happened and the guy was happy to take us back to Manly and there wasn’t any traffic jams so it was fantastic!

Happy New Year to Everyone 2009.