Have not done a blog post for a while so here’s one now! We’ve been busy doing stuff with the new place that we bought in September, when its finally at a stage that we like I’ll put loads of photos up on the blog. We’ve got one more room to complete!

We had a few guests over already, here’s Nancy, Marcus, Hugo, Marcy, Chris, Amy in the dining room at the first dinner –

Dinner at Pacific Street

We also had another dinner the next week with Simone and Stu which was nice and we went over to theirs the week after. Last weekend Amy’s parents and sisters came down and we went to see Jersey Boys in Sydney, it was very good and I recommend it to the max.

This weekend was Hugo’s 1st Birthday Party. It was on the beach in Manly on the harbor side. It was the perfect day for it with sun shining and no wind. The harbor side is much better in the summer, as its very well protected from the wind, where as the beach side normally gets windy with the on-shores.

Hugo’s 1st Birthday and 4th Croissant of the Day

That brings us up today, where Amy and I went to some furniture shops and to The Troubadour which is an excellent new cafe around the corner from our new place on Pittwater Road which just opened! Rather than giving out numbers to tables you get a little animal on a stick its very quirky and coffee come with a biscuit and a shot glass of fizzy water.

The Troubadour Panda

Good one!