Guy Brush Killing Spree

Anhdres my Argentinian friend has created a great little movie which feature him killing these little soot shaped creatures. After asking Anhdres what they ever did to him he decided to create a television style interview in flash that explained who these little guys were. To do this he used audio clips sampled by people all around the world, including myself as an English voice, along with a Canadian, German and a Lebanese.

If none of that made sense then don’t worry whatching the videos will, you will need flash and audio to get the full effect. The second video could be considered NSFW (not safe for work) as it contains one, rather strong, swear word –

Click image to watch the video that spawned the second

Click this image to watch the ‘live tonight’ DA interview with the little creatures!!

Anhdres has done a great job, visit his site at