Grilling + Rugby + Computer = FIRE

I have a small piece of advice for anyone who cares. Don’t try and grill bread with the oven door closed, while using a computer and watching England vs. France rugby. Our toaster exploded in the morning , must have been a fuse, I thought back to the good old days at home when momma used to put bread ‘under the grill’ – so I thought I would do this. Initially I put the oven on the ‘grill’ setting and put the bread in. Came back to it five minutes later and it was still white. “Ahhh, I have to set the temperature” – so I cranked it up to 210degrees and went back to the Rugby and this very laptop. The oven is virtually directly behind me, so, turning around some 5 minutes later I see smoke billowing out of the it!! The initial panic meant I found myself opening the oven door and blowing on the flames, in the hope that they would go out. Then I remembered. Yesterday I was cooking burgers at about 800 degrees centigrade in a pan, and thought, if this pan decide to just turn into a flame thrower, I would have to reach over to that towel, dip it in the dirty washing up bowl and throw it over the pan. I copied these tactics for the rageing toast oven fire and the emergency was over.

So the moral of the story is – don’t try and toast bread in the oven when there’s too many distractions – leave momma to do it.