Google Developer Day Sydney

This morning Marcus and I went to Google Develper Day Sydney (although we made it into Google Developer Morning due to work) for Google’s first ever developer conference, which is taking place all around the world with Sydney being the first (for timezone reasons).

The presenters we saw were Aaron Boodman (inventor of GreaseMonkey) and James Macgill talking about Google Gears and Mapplets respectively. This was really interesting as they were both new offerings.

The highlight for me was James Macgill talking about Google Maps and then bringing up a slide with Global Surfari in it! I am sure a royalty cheque is in the post – Slide at Google Developer Day 07 Sydney

Slide with James talking

That was nice as they were talking about the lack of Australian content for maps and gadgets etc…

Would have liked to stay for the rest of the day but too busy right now 🙁