Golf Balls and Opera

Surfing is going well. I have four bruises on my right hip, a weird red rash/scar on my neck and a very nasty graze on my left leg which was caused by me getting locked in*, mullering** and then hitting the sea bed. I’ve only thought I was going to drown twice now in about 12 hours of surfing which is a good thing I suppose.

Rach. and Mike were kind enough to invite me along with them to the Sydney Opera House for the 25th Anniversary of the Organ. It is the largest mechanical organ in the world. Here is a picture of it from our seats –

It was a good evening of organ related music apart from the 10 different versions of the Australian anthem that they played ‘only with their feet’ – sounds better than it err… sounded. That night it thundered all the time, I took a cool long exposure picture of the opera house with a lightening bolt in the back in the back ground. I put it on Deviant Art, you can click here to see it.

The weather took a turn for the worst last weekend and there were hail stones the size of golf balls falling from the sky (well almost the size of golf balls) that’s a 5 cent coin for comparison –

Also if you are bored then checkout Knoxs Korner and check out the clay videos. They are very funny there’s some very clever humour going on here, especially when the guy that makes them looks like an adolescent.

* Locked In – when a wave crashes and the surfer is inside of it.
** Mullering – Wipe-out of the highest order