God Doesn't Like Yoga

Random topic in aid of a random comment made by one of my friends school class children.

Today at luncheon (now that the sandwich game has ended) we messed around with the idea of oxymorons and other words. ‘Living Legend’ is an oxymoron but it also can be used to form an alliteration, ‘Luke Looks Longingly at the Living Legend’, which could also be described as a form of anthropomorphism. So, you could say that the above is an Oxyiteraomorphic sentence, which in itself is a Portmanteau.

I bought Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk and the Grace EPs today, off the back of some last minute Christmas shopping. Jeff Buckley is amazing, I still recommend getting the Live at Sin-e double CD+DVD, I don’t think its possible not to like this music! Although I’ve been trying to learn some of it on the guitar, and its just not as easy as it sounds.

I also saw a women lose her shoe down the side between the tube train and the track today; I felt sorry for her, someone was already helping her so I wasn’t left with the pain stickening feeling of guilt if I just left her there minus one shoe.