Foothills of the Blue Mountains

Rach and Mike planned a trip to camp at Glenbrook, one of the first towns you hit whilst leaving Sydney and heading towards the Blue Mountains (see the geotag at the bottom of the entry). It is pretty cool because its only 1.5 hours from Manly but still has the middle of the forest feel to it + kangoes, although you did get the odd tour bus pulling up to take photos of the roos then leave again –

Kangoes at Glenbrook

Amy and I setup tent in the midday Saturday sun (33 degrees) and had lunch in the little town of Glenbrook which was very nice, we then went back to the camp site to find Rach and Mike had returned from their super hard core bike ride (well sort of Mike got a puncher).

We then went down to the lagoon for a swim, it was a really nice day and couldn’t wait to get in the water. When we got down to the water, some one had put bread in the water and two of the biggest eels I’ve ever seen in my life were eating it. After some reluctance we got in and basically just floated on the surface constantly looking around us!

We headed back for camp just as the rain started to come down, we sat under the tent and chatted it was very nice.

In the morning I woke up and heard the pans moving around and some creatures running around. I got the camera and took a photos from the safety of the tent of the new camp gang in town –

Camp taken over by Cockatoos!

From 33 degrees on Saturday, to wearing two t-shirts and a pullover and STILL being pretty cold, Mike lit a fire –

Mike, Mia, Rach and Amy in the cold morning

Mia had not seen the Three Sisters, so we went up there to have a look. I’ve covered the Three Sisters a few times so here’s a different angle –

Tourists at the Three Sisters

We had to cancel the 3 hour hike that was planned for the afternoon for two reasons, 1. It ws raining and 2. It was too cold for Amy and I.

Here’s the car back in the car park, mud carnage!

Muddy Car

Thanks for reading.