Flying Lesson

Amy got me a flying lesson for my birthday last year, I finally got around to taking it. The weather was prefect for it, so I made my way over to Bankstown airport.

VH-IIJ Cessna 152

The instructor got me to do a bit of the taxi, to steer the aircraft down to the runway you use your feet on the pedals, pushing either one down depending upon which way you want to go. It took all my concentration to keep it in a straight line, corners were tricky as you have to push up on the pedals to break as well.

The instructor flew the plane into the air and then I took over to do the rest of the flying, apart from photo opportunities. We headed towards the Warragamba Dam, which supplies sydney with its water supply, which is also filling up at the moment

Warragamba Dam and Blue Mountains

I learnt that you use the rudder when turning the plane to prevent it from wobbling a bit (probably a much more technical term for it) to get us back facing towards Prospect reservoir where the dam water goes to be processed (the dam can deliver 2630 megalitres of water a day!). We then headed back towards Bankstown for a landing (preformed by the instructor) –

Onto Final Approach at Bankstown 29 Right

The instructor got me to taxi back to parking, which was actually much harder than flying the plane! When I have a spare $15,000 laying around I might have a go at getting a pilots licence! An excellent birthday present thanks Amy!