Easter in the Bay

This Easter a group of us went up to Northern NSW for a nice little get away from Sydney, such has been the Australian tradition last year and the year before. However this year rather than staying in Yamba we managed to score a nice little house in Byron Bay (shot using Gemma’s wide angle lens very nice) –

Cape Heritage Living Room
Cape Heritage Living Room

On the way there we hit some fairly heavy easter traffic, this sign was fun to see though –

Form 1 Planet (and lane)

Unfortunetly the weather was not too great for us whilst we were there, I managed to get out surfing once. The beaches are great at Byron, they all break really smoothly and are great for natural footed surfers. I went out a Clarkes Beach one afternoon whilst Amy went around the shops with Gemma. At one stage I had to get out though because the wind became an off shore gale force and was raining so heavy that I couldn’t see the beach anymore! It was a bit crazy to say the least.

Here is Wategoes beach with a break in the clouds and some slow moving mal waves coming through –

Wategoes with the sun out

Amy and I did a little day trip to Bangalow which was a nice little village behind Byron, it was overwhelmed with Easter holiday makers and shops there were doing a roaring trade. One of the shops there was called Abracadabra and it had a weird selection of goods on sale, such as these little toy cars –

Abracadabra Bangalow Toy Cars

We didn’t get to use the pool at our place in Byron, but it had a great view of the fields behind us so Amy and I went down there for a photo between the break in the clouds –

Amy and me by the pool at Cape Heritage

The husband of the couple that owned the place is an artist who makes things out of things he finds on the beach. The house was full of junk artwork on the walls etc.. you can see them and the house at the Cape Heritage website.

The house and “artwork” (bottles stacked)

A nice weekend spent in Byronshire it all went too quickly!