Earth Hour

Sydney was plunged into darkness (kind of) at 19h30 on Saturday night for one hour in an effort to raise awareness about global warming for an event called Earth Hour.

After ensuring all our lights were switched off at home, Amy, Nancy, Marcus and I drove up to North Head to watch it (polluting the atomosphere with cardon dixoide in the process), we got there about 2 minutes too late so missed everything being switched off, although I don’t think it was a power out at exactly 19h30 thing we were expecting.

Arrow points to the AMP Tower

The photo doesn’t really do it justice, Sydney typically looks like this from North Head at night if you want to see the difference.

On Manly Beach ‘The Ramblers’ were playing a mini gig which was pretty cool, we didn’t stay for long as we were on our way to N&M house warming ( not related to global warming ).

Ramblers on Manly Beach

We then headed down to the house warming party and had a few beers, talked about the forth coming BhangLassi gigs and had a generally nice time (more people did show up than us two).

House (Global) Warming

If your interested in wanting to fight global warming and have a bit of fun in the process, kinda signing up for KyotoPotato, an online energy saving/trading game.