Cute Surf and Phone Weirdness

The conditions for surfing today were absolutely perfect. A fairly strong offshore breeze and glassy clean water conditions….but where is the swell!!!! Annoyingly the waves were about chest high max and with the occasional bomb set once every 30 minutes. Faisel and myself were surfing in the south corner of Freshwater just off the rocks (which were of no concern with the lack of surf), we got a few lefts and a few rights it was pretty good fun although I only wish it was twice as big. Here is a wave from today at DY (there’s no scale reference of this wave but I assure you it is tiny but beautifully formed) –

On another note, have you ever had it when your phone seems to have gone mad? When I got back from the surf the phone in our house was ringing. I ignored it because I never answer the phone (to my flatmates displeasure) because I didn’t give anyone the number and I’m too lazy to go and answer it but after the 10th time of ringing I thought I better go and check it out. So when I answer it all I get is this ‘schhhummm…schummm…schhummmm’ noise like something was rotating and brushing against something although I’d never heard anything that sounds like it before, a bit freaky.