Coogee to Bronte to Bondi

Today we drove to Coogee which is pronounced Cud-G to walk to Bondi for the Bondi to Bronte Sculptures by the sea which we went to two years ago (must have missed it last year). It was the perfect beach day for beach goers but with no waves. Here’s a Panorama of Coogee with Amy and Stu in, can you see them?

Click for larger version

So we set off on the walk which looked like it was going to be spectacular, here’s the gang just leaving Coogee –

Amy, Chris, Marcy, Simone and Stu

The first nice spot we hit was Gordons Bay, it looked beautiful and almost rivals the Northern Beaches for its stunning beauty –

Gordon’s Bay

When we got around to Bronte beach we noticed lots of surf skis in the water quite far out and a splashing around, it turned out there was a mother and calf hump back whales in the bay just in front of Bronte and providing a great show for the hundreds of people who were on the sculpture walk.

Humpback Whales

There were also some dolphins that had come into the bay to do a bit of showing off in front of the surf skis. There was so many people on the beach and the sculpture walk that when this dolphin did a full breach you could here everyone go “oooohhh”. You can also see the hump back whales (the dark patch in the water at the front of the picture) –

Flying Dolphin

It is unusual to see whales at this time of year as they are on there way back to the colder waters with their calfs so normally stay in deeper waters, these ones obviously wanted to visit the sculptures by the sea.

One of my favourite items of the sculptures by the sea was this life size plastic toy soldier that was sitting on the beach side in Bronte looking fed up –

Plastic Soldier Life Sized

This was also a clever one, not sure if the I blew away though –

Imag ne

We ended the trip with a lunch in Icebergs, which is an RSL that looks over the beach, we had to wait to pownce on a table that became free on the balcony as you can imagine with the sculpture show on and the weather being next to perfect, it was pretty busy!

Amy and Me at Icebergs, Bondi Beach

A fantastic day out!