I am very angry about the whole concorde thing. Not the whole going out of service thing; I can accept that, its not fuel efficent, its bad for the environment and its too loud. What annoys me is the press saying “I doubt will see another aircraft like this in our lifetimes” and “the age of supersonic travel has ended”. If computing power increases like it has since the 60ies (around the time Concorde came into service) then we will be able to build Concorde Version 2, that looks as cool, fits more people, goes as fast, uses less fuel and is better for the environment.

Infact, if anyone wants to come in with me I was thinking of planning on building Concorde V2. We could make it cost the same as a flight on a 747 but take half the time and be able to use the word ‘supersonic’ in all our advertisting. Email me if you want to talk about it.

Back to my non-alcoholic weekend….