Christmas in Queensland

A bit of a delay in this post, I had to wait for my parents to come down to NSW from their trip to QLD before I got the photos as I forgot my camera on Christmas day. The day was spent at Amy’s sisters house in Brisbane, a very nice day with not too hot weather –

Meet the Parents (and Marion)

Here is little Cooper having his Christmas dinner, a mush of green stuff as you can see from around his mouth –

Christmas Cooper

A couple of days before we celebrated Marion’s birthday in the Tamborine Mountains which backs off behind the Gold Coast

Marion’s 60th in the Tamborine Mountains

We also went around Brisbane for a day in the rain, visited the Christmas sales and went to some of the museums –

Amy and I in Brisbane

After Christmas we went to Taryn and Wade’s house for nibbles and then to the pub in Manly (Queensland) for dinner, here’s a nice picture of Amy, Wink and I at Amy’s sisters house –

Amy, Wink and I

At the end of the trip we had to return to Sydney, fortunately Amy is a high flyer in the world of corporate travel and as so gets access to the Qantas lounge!! I was amazed at the free food, free beers, free wine, magazines that was on offer, I felt like I’d finally arrived –

In the Qantas Lounge at last!!!!

A very nice Christmas time!!