Children of Men

It has been a while since a film review, there’s been nothing really outstanding to report on from the world of films. Until last night, where Amy and I, fresh from our trip to Fiji went to see Children of Men, directed by Alfonso Cuarón.

Opening Scene set on Cornhill, City of London

The film is set in South East England in 2027, England has been changed by immigration as you see rickshaws travelling down the roads of London. The rest of the world is apparently under immense terrorist attacks and major cities such as New York, Tokyo, Paris and Moscow have been wrecked by nuclear terrorism.

The main theme of the film is that no child has been born for eighteen years. Women have become infertile and to make matters worse the film opens on the day that the youngest person on Earth was stabbed to death for not signing an autograph. The main protagonist of the film of course ends up having to look after a refugee who is pregnant (the only pregnant women known to be alive) and help her escape to an underground group called “The Human Project”. The film has current day relevance with an interesting angle on what it might be like if a zero tolerance policy on immigrants existed also scenes that looked like recent pictures of torture by solidiers at Abu Ghraib as well as having throw backs to the nazi holocaust.

What really made the film stand out for me was the attention to detail of locations and the extremely long scenes without cuts; it seemed like 5 minutes had passed before camera angles changed.

Visit and watch the trailer.