Cereal Dating

I was in Bondi Junction Westfield supermarket tonight and notice a sign on the floor that said ‘Cereal Dating – Mondays at 7pm, ask at information desk for details’. It clearly has something to do with meeting people in supermarkets so me and the information desk – never the twain shall meet. So naturally I rushed home and put it into Google and found this.

The basic premise is that you go to the supermarket at around 7pm and then get a trolley/basket and head to the cereal section, where you put a box of cereal in your trolley upside down. The type of cereal you pick lets the other people know what you are into. So if you want a quirky nutter then you choose ‘Fruit Loops’ or ‘Crunchy Nut’. ‘Nutrigrain’ for outdoor types, ‘Special K’ for career orientated people.

A crazy PR stunt if ever I seen one but interesting, I’d love to go down there at 7pm and just see what sort of people were doing it!!