Cave Man

Cave Man

Rach’s 30th Birthday was celebrated in true “rach ‘n’ mike” style with a hard core camp in a cave up the Blue Mountains.

Yes, that is right, a cave! To get a sense of the size of it here’s Mike on the rope swing –

Mike in the rope swing in the cave

We arrived early on Saturday morning having not read the instructions to only bring a back pack as it was a 10 minute walk down a hill to the cave. It was hard work getting down there but nowhere near as hard as getting back up!

Breakfast Drumming

A walk was organised through the Blue Mountains called the ‘Grand Canyon’ specified as a 5km, 3.5 hour ‘medium difficult’ walk or ‘easy’ depending on who you ask.

It was beautiful but pretty hard work and now Amy and my legs are aching, not enough Canyon walking practice!

Walkers on a sandwich break

We really need to buy some proper walking shoes as our trainers weren’t really cutting it, the recent guy who got lost whilst trying to walk to Katoomba (and was sadly found dead) was on my mind the entire time. At one point Mike and me got split up from the group, the track started to become very difficult, we then realized we were not actually on the track at all which is all it takes to get lost.

Grand Canyon Views

With a sense of scale –

More Canyons

We did the walk a lot quicker than we thought, so headed into town for a café latte and a rest. We got back to the cave that night and had a great drum session and some impromptu gigs thanks to some of the members of Bhang Lassi.

Gemma’s wide angle lens came in handy again –

Cave Camp

Mark ‘the hatter’ who owned the cave came down and played music with us all night. For info on the cave see An excellent weekend spent maximum adventure, which is what you can expect with anything organised by R&M!