Cave 2008

Last year we hit The Cave and it was brilliant! So Rach organized it again but a few months earlier which made it a little bit warmer! A bigger group than last time went and we had some great fun. On Saturday we did a walk in the Blue Mountains at Wentworth Falls. This was one of the first times that I’d been there and the water falls were actually flowing which some power, thanks to the recent rains.

This video gives a better feel of the weekend trip (music by SpoonaSound – Dark Side of the Spoon) –

[flv: 608 336]

A few of the cave dwellers have started taking drumming lessons so there was a lot of drums to go around, also the entire BhangLassi band were on hand to perform some acoustic numbers as well as preview a new track which they had laid down.

Get photos and another perspective over at Marcus’ blog and on Facebook.

Here’s the exact location of the Cave for the interested parties –

Get more info about the Cave and booking information at Hatters Hideout.