Burger’s Australia

My old work buddy Matt was over in ‘stralia very recently, I worked with Matt all the way back in 2001. We invented ‘the sandwich game‘ a very early day blog post from 2003, where we had to buy the cheapest lunch around London. I was always at a disadvantage due to an allergy to egg sandwiches.

Mark, Burgers, Dave and me
Mark, Matt, Dave and Me – The Dream Team – London 2005

Well Matt got a new job and lucky for him his training was over here in Sydney, so after a relaxing business class flight over, we met up for a few beers –

jetlagged matt
Jetlagged at Tank Stream bar Sydney

One night we went out with Rach and Mike to Sushi Suma in Surry Hills for a sushi fest. Matt wanted to buy twice what we needed, we glad we didn’t in the end as we were stuffed with what we had!

Sushi Suma
Sushi Suma!

and finally the controversial desert you get at Sushi Suma (ice cream, beans, green tea sauce and corn flakes mashup?!?!) –

weird desert at sushi suma
Controverisal Desert at the Suma

Matt has now got his own blog called Uncle Travelling Matt checkout his recent trip to Australia and trips to the big apple. Good to see Matt and looking forward to meeting up again when he makes some more trips!