Bowls UL

This weekend was Stu’s birthday and for it we celebrated with two games of bowling at King Street Wharf, which is on the Darling Harbour side of Sydney on the trendy wharf. It was the same crew as the trip to Melbourne so it was a great reunion.

21st century bowling has really come on a lot, at this over 18’s bowling alley when you throw the ball down a second after it hits the ground a flash goes off and you can then review your stance on the overhead monitor and optionally pay out for a printed photo a lot like the log flumes at Alton Towers. Or you can do what everyone else was doing and take photos of the picture that they want you to pay for –

Me Bowling

Sunday morning we decided to take a drive up the Northern Beaches for a change of scene to have breakfast, we ended up at Dee Why and then did a kind of ‘Tourist Drive’ back to Manly. In the picture below you can see the city of Sydney on the horizon to the right of the telegraph pole, the beach in the front of the picture is Curl Curl and the buildings in the distant headland is Manly.

Curl Curl, Manly and the City

On a separate note, any Northern Beaches fans should checkout Grapevine Magazine, which I found in a boutique clothes shop in Freshwater whilst waiting for Amy to try on an overpriced dress. It is kind of like a VBS for the Northern Beaches.