Bonnie Prince Billy

Went to see Bonnie Prince Billy this evening at the Annadale Hotel Sydney. It was strange because the Annadale Hotel is some unknown obscure place in the Western Suburbs down the Paramatta Road! But wow what an amazing gig, this is probably the best gig I have seen in Australia so far, beating The Libertines. I had never heard of Will Oldham until recently. He has played with Papa-M and always plays under an alias. Matt Sweeney is currently playing with the band and the last time I saw him was with Zwan in Amsterdam; so there was a lot of nostalgia. I don’t actually own in BPB records but next week I am definetly going to buy one! A picture from the gig –

Will is in the centre, Matt is on the right and I can’t remember the name of the girl on the left.