BMX, Dogs, Tamiya

BMX, Dogs, Tamiya

Whilst we were in a continued lock down we got a bit creative with things to do. Oscar's friend came to visit and brought his Mongoose BMX which reminded me of my Mongoose BMX I had as a child which ended up in us getting a BMX -

This is a proper Mongoose but is based on 'Stranger Things' which makes it that little bit cooler. Evie can ride on the back spokes which is cool.

I massively got back into making Tamiya based cars - I bought one  for last lock down but ended up only getting it during this one. It sent me down the rabbit hole of making these little radio control cars and we've now got 9.

The hardest by far was the Tamiya Avante which I've still not quite finished it was grueling building this and I had to order replacement parts from Germany because I broke and bent some of them in the process - I'd say it was harder than building a real car.

Here's a video of one of the Tamiya cars I made doing a slow-mo acceleration!

Evie has been playing and making friends with all of the dogs in Palm Beach it's great that she is such a dog lover and gets to play with them all of the time especially her favorite Elmo!

Evie and Elmo

Some of the walking tracks have been closed so we've not been able to do long walks but the Lighthouse walk in Palm Beach recently opened up again and we did that on a nice day -

Evie and Oscar on the Lighthouse Walk Track

I also had to buy a ICE engine for the boat. The power to weight ratio of electric engines just isn't there if you want to physically carry a boat around which is  a shame and the electric engine was too slow to safely navigate Pittwater. On the positive note I switched all electricity we use to 100% Green Energy from the solar, battery and now the grid as well. As long as we only use the electric cars, we shouldn't be burning any more hydrocarbons at least to drive around.

It's October now and it appears we are coming out of restrictions lets see how it goes hopefully more holiday content!!!!