Billy Corgan at the Forum

My buddy Matt and I headed down to The Forum after work on Wednesday. We got there late for the door opening but it didn’t matter because Bill and Co. didn’t start until 21h15. I met up another one of my Smashing Pumpkin/Zwan/Billy Corgan friends Grant inside, who took this photo the next day (and also got BC to sign some of his stuff) –

Billy Corgan with Linda Strawberry (Copyright © Grant)

The show went down well, some of the songs are really good, some are not as good. I am not a fan of the drumming on the album, I like the sound of JC’s drumming style. It is ashame BC doesn’t have JC in his touring band. My favourite song at the moment is The CameraEye it really rules. The did To Love Somebody at the gig and Robert Smith was in the audience. Shame he didn’t come on stage to sing along.

Linda Strawberry (Bill’s keyboardist) wrote on her journal that she got a pep talk about how London shows are usually difficult. I agree with that after seeing how much more Billy seemed chilled out at the Paradiso show in Amsterdam for Zwan compared to the London Zwan show.

On the surfing front my Dahlberg Occy Roundtail has arrived!!!! It looks real nice and today I got some stickers for it and ‘cool water’ wax. This weekend is a real burner and I have spent it in smelly down town London (it really does smell bad Charmaine wasn’t joking when she said I would notice that London is pretty dirty compared to Sydney) its 30 degs this weekend and there’s a low pressure system heading onto the West Coast which is the size of the country which is no doubt making some nice little waves. Here’s a chart (green is 12ft, blue is 5ft and purple is no waves at all) –

I’ll do a comparison one next week, the current prediction shows some more low pressure coming in but not as big, which might be ok for the first time out.