Better than Maroubra (Surf Trip 7)

Matts words not mine. Matt was here again on a stop off from Bangkok and about to fly back over to Sydney via Singapore. It was also his birthday so we all headed up to Shoreditch for a couple of drinks in Hoxton square and something to eat at Macondo. I had a strawberry cheesecake shooter to start off the night with which was a mistake and I knew we were going for a hardcore winter surf session on the SE coast the next day!

I woke up with a hangover as expected, tapas really doesn’t soak up alcohol. Matt came round and we headed on the 100 mile drive to Boscombe, which is a pier very close to Bournemouth ‘a carbon copy with no crowds’ (Storm Rider Guide).

I was very suspicious that we would find a wave, but Matt was talking airplane speak and said the pressure was down to 990mbar so there was a possibility of a wave. To my surprise when we got there, there was something rideable and only about 3 people out (all aged around 11) so it was on, all we had to do was get the wetsuits on, which is no easy task when the temperature outside is 0 to 6C. Fizzer was nice enough to lend us his board and wetsuit so we had all the equipment. His board is 7’2 shortboard style shape and was perfect for the conditions. Mine is a bit too short for 1.5ft waves plus the strength snap from the freezing cold waters and weight and moveability of the wetsuits makes it a problem! Although I did get a few the rides were rubbish compared to Fizzer’s board. I am going to get one.

Ready to go in!

I didn’t wear my hood as the wind was not blowing, I duck dived a wave on the way out and when the water hit me it was like putting your head into a bucket of ice! Woo!! Hangover gone!! You got a bit of a headache for a few seconds when the water hits you from the dilation of blood vessels in the brain but after that it’s fine. The waves were all right handers which I am not as strong on as I am goofy footed but it was still a cool session, we were out for about three hours I estimate.

Matt ‘better than maroubra’ Happy

So this was my first SE Coast surf trip and it was pretty cool (and cold)!! We got some fast food afterwards as we were starving and began the 100 mile journey back to London!! A nice trip and some positive feedback from one of Maroubra’s finest surfers.

You can see fullscreen unedited pictures from the trip here.

Can’t wait for the next trip, need more fitness though, working makes you weak!!