Best of 2010

Best of 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and now 2010!

Yes the inaugural best of the year post! I’ve added a new category this year called “trip of the year”.

Down the Way
Album of the Year – Angus and Julia Stone Down the Way

This is probably the most “starred” record on my iTunes collection. My favourite tracks are “Santa Monica Dream” and “Draw Your Swords” off the album.

Checkout this video of Santa Monica Dream live at Cafe de la Danse in Paris on YouTube.

Inception Cinema Trip of the Year – I N C E P T I O N
Although there’s a few plot holes, I really enjoyed this film. It is intense to watch as your always trying to figure out what the twist is. If you have not seen it, go do it! Shutter Island, also starring DiCaprio came a close second.
Modern Family DVD of the Year – Modern Family
The show takes the Office style genre to the next level. 3 “modern families” have a great comedy adventure and then there’s the serious message at the end of the show. Awesome. Hope there’s a third season!

More Info

A Journey Book of the Year – A Journey
Have not quite got all the way through this book this year. It’s probably the only book I’ve bought (non-technical) and for that reason it is also the book of the year, purely because it has no competition.
Angry Birds Game of the Year – Angry Birds
This is a sign of the times right? The best game of the year and most played is probably Angry Birds on the iPad and iPhone. It’s a fun game where you swing birds at targets, you have to take into account velocity and gravity. It’s good fun!
Angry Birds homepage
Hacker News Website of the Year – Hacker News
I thought was the best site to visit on the web for tech related news. Not any more. YCombinator is a mashup of news for entrepreneurs and techies, so its a great place to get the latest tech. news from. It also
has a cool “no procrastinate” feature which prevents you from visiting it for more than 1 hour a day. Hacker News.
AppleTV Technology Purchase of the Year – AppleTV
This little device has changed the way we use the TV. Normal terrestrial TV is soon going to be a thing of the past. It’s certainly fading out at our house, the adverts are twice the volume of the shows, they do that annoying thing where the last 2 minutes of the program are prepended by 4-5 minutes of adverts. No thanks. AppleTV means we can watch what we want when we want. It lets you rent movies from iTunes or buy them outright and we can stream videos from the PC to the TV. We can also browse all the photos we have on Flickr and YouTube. It’s $129 all up so not a bad investment if it means no more rubbish TV.
Gantleys Restaurant of the Year – Gantleys
This restaurant was one of our favourites for the year as it was the one we went to on the day we got engaged! It’s a cute little restaurant outside of Queenstown in New Zealand. This restaurant was closely followed by some of
the fantastic meals we have with Chris and Marcy in WA this year.
Queenstown Trip of the Year – Queenstown
This holiday was our favourite and probably most expensive! I didn’t do too much research on Queenstown so when we got there it was all the more amazing. Getting engaged was the stand out obviously. The helicopter ride to
Milford Sound was also amazing one of the best experiences ever!

Well that wraps up the Best of 2010! Have a happy new year!!